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Flood Gun FS 100

For charge neutralization of positively charged samples like semiconductors or insulators in e.g. XPS/AES or SIMS experiments, OmniVac provides the FS 100 Flood Source, an easy to handle and reliable flood source.
The FS 100 provides a constant flux of low energy electrons which serve for effective charge neutralization in the region of interest.
The PS-FS 100 power supply allows for an easy control of the important working parameters, i.e. electron energy and emission current. If desired, an RS 232 or RS 485 can be implemented for remote control operation of the device.


FS 100 Flood Source

Kinetic energy range 0 – 500 eV
Measured beam currents on sample (grounded, 25 x 25 mm²) 0.1 µA (at 0.1 eV)
24 µA (at 1 eV)
130 µA (at 10 eV)
1500 µA (at 500 eV)
Beam diameter (FWHM) 11 mm at 500 eV
Bakeable up to 250 °C
Mounting flange DN 40 CF
Insertion depth 146 mm
Working distance 40 mm

PS-FS 100 Power Supply

Selectable energy ranges 0 – 10 eV and 0 – 500 eV
Interfaces Emission and filament current, Wehnelt voltage, energy
Dimension (W x H x D) 19’’ x 133 mm x 374 mm

reliable operation
easy to handle
energy range 0 500 eV
high beam currents
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